Constantin Hârțan - Former General Director 1997-2018

“There is permanent demand for expanding the Navrom Group operations. We are constantly updating ourselves by eagerly following the market trends, such as petroleum products transportation and other related industries, aiming to incorporate the new technologies in our current fleet. Our medium andlong term plans are correlated with these specific trends. "

Cătălin Eduard Țigănuș - General Director

"Navrom is the largest river shipping company along the Danube owning more than 450 vessels, including pusher boats and barges. We cover all the transportation orders along the river starting with Ismail- Ukraine, up to Constanta - Romania and finishing with the German ports Regensburg and Kelheim. "

Elena Botea Chairman of the Board

“Our team of professionals is continuously committed to providing our customers with the highest quality standard for river transportation services. Navrom means to us a history of over 100 years of Danube navigation, a legacy we carry with pride and a brand reputation we take responsibility for.”

Mister Igor Roman - Director of the Transport Planning and Execution Department.

“Navrom is at the top of the freight transportation market on Danube River. We are represented by a modern fleet, advanced technologies and high qualified personnel. We are up to date with all the technical and economical innovations in the field of inland freight transportation. Our colleagues are present at the most important conferences, forums, and specialized workshops ensuring a sustainable future for our company. "