Navrom Galati was founded by the Romanian government in 1890, being named the “Romanian River Navigation”. The company had rights of flying the national flag and it soon became well recognized by all the navigation societies of the riparian countries.

On the 8th of August 1890, the company has established its headquarter in Galati city and after 1900 the fleet was permanently developed so that in 1938 the company had a fleet of ships superior to other shipping companies, being able to transport a volume of 900,000 tonnes of goods per year.

After the 2nd world war the needs of domestic transport (cabotage) and international transport have determined the construction of new barges and pusher boats, leading the Danube fleet to become the biggest transportation capacity among the Danube fleets.

Since 1950 the company has been permanently upgraded so that between 1965 and 1989 its river fleet was among the largest in Europe.

In 1989 the company achieved the highest freight traffic, totaling 30.7 million tonnes.

In 1991, as a result of the company’s restructuring process, the new Romanian River Shipping Company NAVROM was established, with head-quarters in Galati city.

Starting with 1992, the company has modernized its fleet on a constant basis, investing in new naval equipment and newbuilding projects, in order to meet the European’s market demands in terms of river shipping services.

The company took its most important turn in 1998, as it became a fully privately owned company. One year later, in 1999, the company started a large re-structuring program, leading to the current Navrom Group.

At the present time, Romanian River Shipping Company Navrom is a strong company, permanently ready to meet any cargo transportation requests from its clients on any Danube sector between the Black Sea and Kelheim(Germany).